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User Experience Strategy & Analysis

A user experience cannot be designed. It is a moment within each of us where memories of the past abut our dreams of the future. This requires strategy & planning to ensure what you want to measure and succeed at as a business aligns with what your customers and users expect from their experiences interacting with your brands various touchpoints.

We live in a “phygital” world where we move between online and offline experiences constantly. Stop thinking about channels and campaigns, and start thinking about the past, present and future experiences of the people who have or might interact with your brand or organisation.

Persona Profiles – Research & Development

Unsure what specific business levers you can pull to create an experience for your users that beats your competition? Start with an 80/20 breakdown of your users, their needs, and what you can do for them  Get building…

Buyer Journey Maps

Got a solid handle on your user’s needs and the pain-points you solve for? The next challenge is architecting an experience across your website, apps and campaigns that moves people down the sales funnel. Start by Creating a Map…

Information Architecture (IA)

You know your user & their path to purchase. Now you need a birds eye view of how the whole system fits together and flows. Your website’s information architecture is the blueprint for how to go from theory to practice. Let’s Plan Strategically….

Wireframing & Rapid Prototypes

Once your user needs are known and planned for in the IA, then comes the time to sketch some user interface elements, page layouts and design concepts. Measured-marketing is all about function-before-form and wireframes are for obtaining team alignment…

So Where Exactly Does it Hurt?

You know you can do more; do better. You’ve sacrificed, satisficed and suffered long enough.

You know you need a smarter, more strategic alignment between how you operate in the real world, and how you communicate online. Stop throwing good money after bad chasing fads and start measuring returns by investing in planned, measured marketing instead.

Not sure which service line above fits your needs? Pick a story below that sounds like you and let’s figure it out together.

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"I need an Updated Website"

  • My competitor has newer/shinier/prettier site.
  • Our CMS and workflows/governance aren’t cutting it anymore
  • We’ve evolved our brand, products/services or market position and our website is out of date
  • We need a responsive site
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I need a _________ Strategy!"

  • Social Media Strategy  |  Digital (Marketing) Strategy  |  Online Marketing Plans

Runners-up include:

  • Content/blogging Strategy  |  Engagement or Outreach Plans  | High level mar-comm strategies.

“We know we need to evolve – we just aren’t sure whether it’s Marketing, Communications, IT or Sales that needs to lead the initiative or who exactly is responsible for which channel, tactic, strategy and plan!”

Get Planning...
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A half full or half empty glass? Digital smoke can make it hard to tell.

"We'll leave things as-is, but want to improve!"

“We can’t or won’t be changing any major system and we aren’t going to significantly overhaul the look and feel of our website, apps or branded material – but surely there’s a way for us to improve things without breaking the bank, right?”

Start Improving...

No Idea Where To Start?

There’s a lot of jargon, and a lot noise out there, I know. Let’s grab a coffee (it’s on me!) and dive into your troubles.

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