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User Experience Analysis

  • Your website and apps aren’t about you: they’re about enabling user-success.
  • Build a deliberate experience around what your people want and need from you.
  • Measured Marketing & good UX means having a planned framework for continuous improvementLearn how UX Adds Value…

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Map your user needs to your business goals
  • Create digital plans, and tactics to enable success
  • Grow business and prove the ROI for your entire marketing spendUnlock your Digital Potential…

Inbound & Content Marketing

Strategic Business Planning

Business modelling, scaling and strategic planning services for:

Information Architecture

Whenever someone says “intuitive navigation” what they mean is “well planned information architecture”

  • Analyze your current state and find leaks/holes or problems
  • Add context, content tagging, buying stage considerations and measurement frameworks
  • For classic “design-build” projects, doing the IA, content strategy, and measurement framework at the same time can really maximize the value of the redesign process.Involve an IA Specialist Early in Your Project…

Wireframing & Prototype Development

Specializing in measurement/evidence-based, low-fi function-before-form mockups.

  • “Gets it out of your head”
  • Ensures everyone’s on the same page
  • Decreases redesign and non business-aligned change requests
  • Keeps your designer from getting “stabby”…Get help with prototyping an idea…


Ridiculously intelligent is the phrase that comes to mind – we collaborated on projects, BA techniques, financial applications, business strategies, RFP’s, you name it. I was in awe of Jon’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas. He also has an eloquent speaking and writing style. I would recommend Jon as a great addition to any business strategy, digital or marketing team.
Michele James

Senior Project Manager, Media Mechanics (Web Design, Development & Marketing)

As an advancement professional, I feel confident with branding, webpage layouts and the overall design we’re trying to achieve with our digital presence. Jon’s usability audit opened our eyes to the behind-the-scenes technical requirements and best practices that will help us truly get noticed online. Shawn Tracey

Director of Advancement, Halifax Grammar School

Jon demonstrates a passion for his craft that goes beyond the day to day requirements. He is adept at staying current with trends and standards in web; as a result his breadth of knowledge within digital allows him to contribute in many areas and see opportunities. His ability to ask the right questions and dig into the underlying needs is backed up by a natural ability to articulate a problem…he would be a terrific asset for any organization. Stephanie Lummis

Director of Digital Experience, ISL Digital Marketing


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Get your goals back in-line with what your users want from you.

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